Crime Scene Cleanup Services

At Good To Go Restoration, we offer compassionate and professional crime scene cleanup services to handle everything with care and efficiency after sensitive and distressing situations. With expertise in safely restoring crime scenes, we ensure thorough cleaning and decontamination of the affected area, leaving no trace behind. Our highly trained team approaches each assignment with respect, compassion, and attention to detail, recognizing the emotional toll these incidents can have. You can rely on us to navigate the complexities of the cleanup process while prioritizing your well-being and delivering discreet, seamless support during these challenging times.

Commitment to Professionalism and Compassion

At Good To Go Restoration, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and compassion in every aspect of our crime scene cleanup service. Our highly trained technicians approach each project with the sensitivity and respect it deserves.

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The Importance of Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

We recognize that crime scenes are not only emotionally distressing but also pose significant health hazards to those untrained in dealing with their complexities. Our professional Crime Scene Cleanup services are essential for several critical reasons:

Highlighting Hazards and Risks

Crime scene often contain biohazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious substances. Exposure to these hazards can lead to the spread of diseases and infections, putting anyone in the vicinity at risk.

Expert Handling of Biohazardous Materials

Crime Scene Cleanup requires expert knowledge, specialized equipment, and precise techniques to handle and dispose of biohazardous materials effectively. Our highly trained technicians possess the necessary expertise to manage these situations with the utmost care and professionalism.

Adherence to Industry Regulations and Safety Standards

As a reputable Crime Scene Cleanup service provider, we understand the importance of adhering to industry regulations and safety standards. We follow all rules to ensure the cleanup is done safely and professionally, meeting local, regional, and national guidelines.

Our Services

At Good To Go Restoration, we offer a complete range of specialized crime scene cleanup services, including:


  • Homicide Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Natural Death Cleanup
  • Accidental Death Cleanup
  • Vandalism Cleanup


Make sure to contact us for more detailed information on any service you need. Our team is ready to assist you and provide comprehensive insights into our offerings.

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Crime Scene Cleanup and Assessment

Our trained technicians carefully evaluate the extent of the damage and the presence of biohazards, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked. This meticulous assessment allows us to create a comprehensive cleanup plan tailored to the unique requirements of each situation.

Safety First

We prioritize safety in our assessment, ensuring that we identify and address potential hazards promptly.

Efficient Cleanup

By understanding the scope of the crime scene cleanup, we can execute the process efficiently, minimizing disruptions and ensuring timely restoration

Comprehensive Restoration

The assessment enables us to target all affected areas, leaving no trace of biohazards behind, and restoring the space to its original condition.

Odor Removal

Unpleasant odors in the aftermath of a crime scene can be distressing and emotionally challenging for those involved. Our specialized odor removal techniques effectively eliminate lingering smells, leaving the area sanitized and refreshed.

  • Restoring Comfort: Eliminating odors helps create a more comfortable and habitable environment for those returning to the premises.
  • Respectful Cleanup: Odor removal is an essential aspect of our compassionate approach, showing consideration for the emotional well-being of our clients.
  • Complete Cleanliness: By addressing odors, we ensure that no traces of the incident remain, promoting a clean and sanitary space.
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Disinfection and Sanitization

Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment is paramount when dealing with crime scene. Our team utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants and thorough sanitization processes to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, mitigating health risks.

  • Health Protection: Disinfection ensures that all potentially harmful substances are eradicated, safeguarding the health of occupants and visitors.
  • Preventing Contamination: Thorough sanitization prevents the spread of infections and ensures that the area is safe for reentry.
  • Professional Standards: Our adherence to rigorous sanitization practices complies with industry standards, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Proper Waste Disposal

Biohazardous waste requires specialized handling and disposal to prevent any environmental and health hazards. Good To Go Restoration follows stringent protocols to ensure that all waste is safely removed, transported, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Our proper waste disposal practices protect the environment from contamination.
  • Legal Compliance: We strictly adhere to all waste disposal regulations, ensuring our clients’ compliance with the law.
  • Public Health Protection: Safe disposal of biohazardous waste prevents the spread of infections and maintains public health.
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